Mangalmai Arun

Mangalmai® - An Initiative For Fruitful Life !!

Was formed in 2019, with the Vision to help people live a fruitful life ! The Mission was to provide honest guidance to people with the Authentic knowledge of Occult Science and help people live better life through Karma alignment and do-able remedies….
Further We DO NOT SELL anything!! We mostly, try to help people to improve their lives through Karma alignment techniques and or simple, inexpensive, doable remedies 

Here in Managalmai, under one single roof, you will get the honest services of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and Law of attraction!!
We have done multiple Free Webinars over Zoom / Facebook page to give consultation to people.

Later from 2020, we have also extended our services to the Training and Mentoring of Numerology and Astrology with the idea to add more people with Authentic knowledge to help the community.

About Arun N Gupta

By Birth he is a Bengali from Kolkata and completed his Management studies from IIM-Kolkata. He stays in Bangalore for his Job as a Global Leader in a Multi-National Company.

Arun N Gupta is a learned practitioner of Mahavastu, Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, Numerology and Law of attraction practitioner and a renowned teacher of Occult Science !!!
He has started gathering knowledge of Occult around the age of 19. Starting with Palmistry, Traditional Vastu, Psychology, Law of Attraction, Power of Subconscious mind, NLP and also with equal stress on Indian Vedic Science.
He has further started walking the path of Modern-Demolition Free Vastu techniques from Sri Khusdeep Bansal Sir of Mahavastu ! He has successfully completed Advance Mahavastu, Astro-Vastu and achieved the certification of Mahavastu Expert !!
He has done in-depth research in Numerology and invented his own ‘cake-cutting Technology’, where he does predict about others in less than a minute time and that too without knowing the full date of birth !!